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In Feb 2012 I decided to rejoin the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) in order to go back to trail riding to improve my skills on the Tiger.  So I sold my YZ250F and replaced it with a
CCM404ds which my son was selling.  CCM404's are built in Blackburn , England using a DRZ 400 engine installed in a handbuilt frame, with Whitepower Suspension (Same as KTM)
and bodywork borrowed from other bikes e.g. CRF Radiator panels.  CCM use an Australian specification motor with high compression piston and a 39mm Keihn carburetor whereas
the standard UK spec DRZ400 uses a 36mm Mikuni Carb with a low compression piston,  Mine is the "Dual Sport" DS which has a larger 11 litre fuel tank.  The end result is a great
trail/enduro bike which is shorter, lighter, lower, more powerful and has better suspension than a stock Suzuki DRZ400.  For some absurd reason in the UK a secondhand CCM is
worth less than the Suzuki DRZ equivalent.

The engine is smooth and the gearbox is sweet.  This Suzuki 400 engine is a modern water cooled 4 stroke and is much more capable than my old XR600.  The CCM feels light and is
great fun to ride.  Steering is a little odd on knobbly tyres but you get used to it. This bike is perfect for green lanes and I am still be able to take it round an MX track.  Roll on summer.

Undoubtedly a CCM is the most appropriate off roader for a Tiger owner to buy,  so go on do yourself a favour and get one. There are plenty of variants Enduro, Dual Sport and Super
Moto using 400 and 600 Suzuki engines or the older models with a 600 Rotax.  Enjoy.
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Last updated  17 December 2018
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UPDATE:  I sold my CCM in July 2013
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